A few words about me (author) and the idea of creating this project of reviews on the most popular essay writing services.

My name is Jimmy Ruiz and I am an editor working for best-essays-sites.com. I hold an MA degree in Psychology and I have considerable experience in both writing and editing.

I have been editing papers since college when I helped my group mates edit their writing projects. Recently, I have arrived at a crucial decision to work both as an editor and writer full time. This is how I came across best-essays-sites.com. I have edited diverse types of papers and business projects produced by students of different academic levels. Moreover, I have been working as a ghostwriter and created numerous e-books and business features. I hope I will get an opportunity to edit grants and both write and edit large fiction and non-fiction literary works. I have also experience in creating poems and I intend to produce my life story.

I am keen on reading, playing music, and undertaking different outdoor activities. Fantasy is one of the genres I like working on. I can play the guitar, I adore playing basketball, riding a bike, and doing martial arts. Additionally, I like to help people with special needs to make their life easier.

Jimmy Ruiz