There are lots of custom writing companies out there, but choosing the one that can deliver high-quality papers can be a real challenge. Your hard-earned money should be going towards creative and informative content that gets you better grades. Review Review Review Mark: 8.8
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College should be a time for fun and excitement. But students quickly discover that their essays and other assignments make it impossible for them to ever find time to catch a movie or meet up with friends. Fortunately, custom writing services help students overcome these obstacles and allow them to maintain their grades while finding more time to enjoy themselves. With so much riding on their term papers and projects, they need to be able to trust the writing company to deliver. However, this is easier said than done. In many cases, customers have issues with plagiarism, receiving the paper late, or receiving an order that does not come close to following their directions. Given these issues, what is a student to do? Our review website provides you with solutions. We are dedicated to reviewing all of the major academic writing companies with a focus on their pricing policies, discounts, the quality of our order, and the professionalism of the customer support department. There really are affordable, high quality services out there with great guarantees and friendly support agents; it is just a matter of finding them. That is exactly what we strive to do.

For this boomessays review, we took a look at Our first impression is that while we like the website’s color scheme and graphics, we found that the landing page contained way too much information and the font was too small. That said, they do offer a full selection of writing services including every type of essay, projects, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, and even dissertations.

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As we do whenever we order a paper, we requested a high school-level US History paper. It needed to be 5 pages long (double-spaced) and we gave the writer a 7-day deadline. We also asked for APA formatting, 4 sources, and requested an American-based writer. Read further to find out what we uncovered.

Prices, Discounts, Payments

Prices start at $12.99/page for a high school-level paper with a 14-day deadline. This is on par with the industry average. As is the case with all companies, the price is based on several factors including the page length, deadline, type of assignment and academic level. They provide several features for free, such as a title page, reference page, outline, formatting, revisions and plagiarism report. The default currency is in US Dollars, but you can also pay in British Pounds, Euros, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars. These are convenient options that not every company offers. If you are concerned about payment security, you will be happy to know that offers safe and convenient methods such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and even PayPal.

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This company offers a couple of discount programs. For instance, they provide a first-time discount of 15% if you are a new customer. They also have loyalty discount programs for long-term customers that range from 5% all the way up to 15% depending on the total number of pages you order.

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Our initial price was $82.75, but after applying our 15% discount, we paid a reasonable $70.34. They also offer a few additional features for an extra fee such as an “Originality” report (which we take to mean a plagiarism report), proofreading, and a 1-page summary.

Quality of Papers

The fact that the website itself is riddled with grammar mistakes should be a red flag, and sure enough, the English in our paper was not any better. We definitely did not receive an American writer and they certainly were not qualified to write it. The paper had structural issues and some of the observations were flat-out incorrect. A high-school paper about the Civil War should not have been particularly difficult, but the writer really struggled. Frankly, we are not sure if this would have gotten us a C. The fact that it arrived by the deadline and contained no plagiarism hardly matters if the quality is poor.


The customer support team is available 24/7 and can be reached via email, phone and live chat. We tested out their availability and can confirm that their response times are quick. They are also knowledgeable and professional. When we requested a refund, we had to jump through some hoops, but that was to be expected. They tried to convince us to accept free revisions, but we insisted that it would not be enough to redeem the paper. It was not until we threatened to take the issue up with our credit card company that they relented and gave us our refund.

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Based on our experience, there just is not a whole lot of positive things to say about Aside from affordable prices and receiving our paper by the deadline, nothing else truly went right. A typical high schooler would have done a better job than what our “professional” put together. We do not recommend this company.

Beware! is rated 8.8/10 which is below average.

Review is written by Jimmy Ruiz

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They revised my paper three times and it got worse and worse… my topic was cognitive linguistics, and it wasn’t written by a linguist, rather by a child! There was no single sentence reflecting academic English. Please stay away from these scammers!

Dislike 0 1.80/10

I am a person who does not lose hope that the future will be bright. I made four attempts to get a good paper from them and every time I got something very different from perfection. English is really bad and there is no guarantee that the writer understands what should be done in a task. Besides, lots of plagiarism! Do not order here!

Dislike 0 2.80/10

Absolute disappointment! The policy of this scam company is based on dishonesty. Lateness with the papers is a norm for these writers and they are not very careful with the task they get from a particular client. What they do is look through the general guidelines and earn F grade for the clients. I hoped to get a B or A grade, guys! A terrible website to use! They said OK when I requested for a refund, but they never did anything else. Liars!

Dislike 0 1.40/10

It was $200 wasted! Not 2 or 20! I received my paper to see that the thesis is weak, the analysis is missing, spelling is terrible, and grammar is at the level of high school. What you provided me does not cost this money! I paid, waited, and then spent my own time revising it. No way. No other order from me, for sure.

Dislike 0 1.80/10

I counted on your punctuality and I placed an order with a very tough deadline to get the paper and submit it at once. Still, the writer uploaded it about half an hour after the deadline expired. What a shock for me! I was trying to reach anyone at customer support, but no one answered. At last, I got my paper, but the writer forgot to include the source I requested. Are you joking?

Dislike 0 1.40/10

I had no time to work on a political ad review for my college. I spent $135 but the paper I got was just terrible. Poor writing! I am sure that even an inexperienced student can cope with such papers much better. Do you know how you should organize the ideas? What you gave me is a rambling stream of consciousness without any structure! Work on your papers yourself or look for another writing company! This one is no good!

Dislike 0 1.60/10

Your free revision option is a scam. You deliver obviously false papers and hope students will never return to you. I returned and you did not properly revise my paper. It took me three days to struggle with you until I failed. I would better write a paper myself than seek your help.

Dislike 0 2.40/10

My paper was pretty simple. Can you fancy how mean they are? They sent me a copy-pasted sample from a tutoring website! Absolute plagiarism! It was a word-for-word sample given for my money! They told me that I could not get my money refunded! They told me that there was no match! I gave them a direct link and even attached the screenshots! They sent me threats and told me that they will report on me to my college. Plagiarism and rudeness! What a combination! Stay away from them!

Dislike 0 2.20/10

I would not recommend this service to anyone. They are fraudsters – just take the money and provide you with poor-quality writing.

Dislike 0 1.40/10

I expected to get a properly written paper that has excellent grammar, structure, and punctuation, but I got an obviously copied paper with plagiarized content. Do not trust these scammers when they claim that 0% plagiarism papers are guaranteed.

Dislike 0 1.40/10

I paid much money for the argumentative essay, but what I got was a summary of the book instead of argumentative paper with analysis. The structure was horrible — it is not a college-level paper: no introduction, no thesis statement, no proper body paragraphs. I had to rewrite the paper on my own. Besides, the content was plagiarized.

Dislike 0 1.40/10

Terrible is an understatement. It was very strange, but the writer didn't keep in touch with me. That's why the final paper didn't match the requirements at all

Dislike 0 1.00/10

turned out to be plagiarised, what a waste of time and money!

Dislike 0 1.60/10

This company provides copy-pasted assignments, you should beware of this fraud company. They have ruined my whole semester by proving a plagiarism full assignment.

Dislike 0 1.00/10

I had to order a couple of essays from different writers because my first paper was shocking. My instructions were not followed! Moreover, I was charged a huge sum of money! I was so disappointed to use this service. They are scammers, real scammers who do not care about anything and anyone.

Dislike 0 1.80/10

I used the services provided by this agency and was extremely disappointed. I expected to receive a paper in History written by a qualified native English speaker. Unfortunately, my paper was riddled with grammar, spelling and other errors. The text was a mess.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

My professor sent me a turnitin report on my piece of writing. They pulled from various blogs and the worst, from other students’ papers. A novel writing cocktail! My professor allowed me to start afresh, thanks God!

Dislike 0 1.40/10

Scam from the very beginning to very end. I am bloody well aware my work was composed by a bot and not by a human being. I've asked Paypal to return my money back. Hope for the Best only.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

No! The cover for this book is bright, but the content is poor. It is not a reliable service at all. The quality of writing is extremely bad. The only good thing is the design of the website, but who cares.

Dislike 0 3.00/10

My paper was definitely written by an amateur. All explanations lacked clarity. Besides, I have noticed a high plagiarism index in the paper.

Dislike 0 4.60/10

Never trust this website. I got a paper of really poor quality and I could not submit it to my professor.

Dislike 0 5.60/10

What attracted me to the company was its low pricing policy but I wish I had paid more but got a decent-quality service in the end. The quality is really awful and I am dissatisfied with the services they provide.

Dislike 0 7.20/10

I was so stupid when I ordered from them! I got total shit! Please, do not use this company.

Dislike 0 3.40/10

I asked the writer to revise the paper and they just ignored me. I had to fix all the errors myself because I had to submit my paper soon. I am writing this to tell that treating their customers like this is just unacceptable. We live in the 21st century, guys!

Dislike 0 3.00/10

Too many citations for two pages. The writer failed to follow instructions. In addition, question number one was never answered. It seems that the main goal of the writer was to only meet the word count. Total waste of money!

Dislike 0 7.20/10

This agency does not know minimal requirements of average research. All non-native English-speaking WRITING GURUS. Waste of my nerves, time, money, and dignity. Real cheaters and scammers.

Dislike 0 2.80/10
Asher B

They make promises they can’t keep, the paper looked like shit, they “revised” it but it still looked like shit, the people at the call center pretty much ignored my messages until I threatened to ask for a charge back. Then I got my refund.

Dislike 0 2.80/10
Katherine A

The company is not really suitable for me as the prices are too high for my budget. However, the company provides high-quality service, so I can recommend it to those who have sufficient money to pay for it.

Dislike 0 6.60/10
Kamelia Incredible

Top-notch quality and professional staff. They delivered me a great paper and I will definitely work with them in the future!

Dislike 0 9.00/10

Me, I expected better service. I purchased a VIP package from them and the customer support talked rudely to me. And the quality of my paper was average. Their service doesn't worth that money I paid.

Dislike 0 4.80/10

My essay on Catcher in the Rye was a sweet one. I never thought you could interpret the story like this. The writer spoke from the point of view of Holden's parents. I think this will be quite an unusual reading for the teacher.

Dislike 0 8.20/10