There are lots of custom writing companies out there, but choosing the one that can deliver high-quality papers can be a real challenge. Your hard-earned money should be going towards creative and informative content that gets you better grades. Review Review Review Mark: 8.6
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General Info

If you lack confidence in your writing skills, ordering custom academic papers is a good way to maintain good grades until you gain more experience. Given that a failing grade your freshman year can still have repercussions years down the line, asking for help from a professional makes a huge difference. But a lot of students discover that not all writing services are forthright about what they can accomplish. They claim to offer native-English speakers with advanced degrees, but the papers that customers receive clearly demonstrate that this is nothing more than a ruse. So how can you find out which companies are trustworthy and which ones should be avoided? Our unbiased reviews provide you with all of the answers.

For this review, we took a look at The company claims to have launched in 2007, but we were unable to verify this. Neither Web Archive nor contained any information about the website. They are able to offer a variety of writing services from high school through graduate school along with business reports for professionals. In addition, they have a department devoted to proofreading and editing. In order to best evaluate, we requested a high-school paper 5-pages long with a 7-day deadline. The topic was US history, we asked for 4 legitimate sources, and requested MLA formatting. Finally, we told them we wanted it to be written by an American. We usually specifically request a high school-level paper, but since the papers are broken into “standard” “premium” and “platinum,” we opted for standard. Check out review below. review services

Prices, Discounts, Payments

The prices start at $23.30/per page for standard quality with a 10-day deadline. This makes it one of the most expensive services that we have come across. We believe that the way they break down their services in terms of quality is logical. For instance, “standard” quality is appropriate for high school and college work that does not require a significant amount of research. “Premium” is for when the required work is much more complex. “Platinum” is for the most sophisticated assignments. However, given how expensive even the “standard” service is, we are not sure why only “platinum” customers are entitled to quality assurance services. review steps offers several free features such as a title page, reference page, formatting and even an outline. 

They offer a 15% discount for all first-time orders. They also have a loyalty discount program that amounts to 5% once the customer has ordered 15 pages, 10% when it reaches 50 and 15% after 100. Given that the 15% discount often kicks in after 50 pages when you order from other companies, we are not particularly impressed. Another thing worth noting is that in the 15% discount graphic it says, “Not only you get permanent 15% discount.” Huh? We are not sure who writes their website content, but they could clearly use a proofreader. review discounts

The total cost for our high school paper was $122.05, reduced to $103.74 after applying the 15% discount. Yikes. This is around $30 higher than what we typically pay. They also offer VIP support for an additional fee, but given how high they charge to begin with, it really ought to be included as part of their service.

Quality of Papers

Given that has among the highest pricing policies, it would seem reasonable to expect a top quality paper. But it really was not the case at all. The fact that the requirements were so easy to begin with, it was kind of a slap in the face to receive such a bland, uninspired US history paper. The writer simply took a few Wikipedia passages and rewrote them. When they offered their own personal insight, it was lazy and not the least bit informative. They literally concluded that the Civil War was bad. Oh really? Surely, a high school student would be able to reach the same conclusion without needing to spend $100.


The customer support team was the sole bright spot. They were available 24/7 and we had no issues reaching them by phone, email or live chat. While they were clearly outsourced to Eastern Europe, we had no issues with understanding them (and vice versa). They were professional, polite and knowledgeable. It is unfortunate that this was not reflected in the writing.


If a company were judged solely on their customer support, would get a 10. But that is obviously not how we render our decision. The quality of the paper is what matters most, and from this standpoint, the company failed. Yes, it was delivered by the deadline and it only contained around 2% plagiarism, but for the amount of money that we paid, we should have expected an A-level American history paper. We would not recommend until the quality of their writing matches their high prices.

Beware! is rated 8.6/10 which is below average.

Review is written by Jimmy Ruiz

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I have never encountered such a rude attitude to a customer in my whole life! I tried to explain that they misunderstood my instructions and that they had to choose a different direction of thought, but they were just accusing me of the lack of knowledge. I did not have time to revise it before turning it in, and I was so shaken to get a low grade! I paid $100 to fail my subject! I requested a refund, but several weeks have passed and I have not obtained any compensation.

Dislike 0 1.60/10

I was trying to explain why I did not like the paper. They asked for proof and then they just stopped communicating with me! I will never forget this experience. Such a waste of my money!

Dislike 0 1.80/10

I ordered two parts of my research on the website and I received the first part without any challenges. They helped me a lot, but then some weird things happened. The writer decided to quit and there was nobody who would complete my paper. It was a huge risk for me and I do not recommend this agency. This is not the right website for students with a good reputation!

Dislike 0 1.80/10

Bad experience! I would never order any other paper if the first one was not ok. However, the second one was rather poor. The third one was just the worst I had ever seen. I asked for revision but it took ages.

Dislike 0 1.40/10

Yesterday I received this crap paper from you. You call this a dissertation, and it costs so much money! Seriously? I do not know even how it is possible to revise this nonsense.

Dislike 0 2.20/10

They are really fast, as promised. But the quality of such fast writing is doubtful. Almost every sentence is not clear. I have placed a revision request, but the writer does not understand what the problem is.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

My master’s level paper seems to be written by a high school student. The ideas are primitive. The constructions are simple and fairly incorrect. What did I pay you for? The paper was full of grammar and spelling mistakes. The paper contained many confusing statements. It took me much time to contact the company representatives. They still did not help me. I was fairly disappointed. Do not use this service. The guys promised to refund my paper, but I have serious doubts I will ever see my money.

Dislike 0 2.00/10

My father got ill, and I had to stay in hospital with him for days. I hired a writer from a writing company that gives lots of promises and guarantees. There was a week before my submission, and I gave all that time to the writer. It was truly the WORST decision ever! I looked through the paper I downloaded and saw dozens of grammar mistakes. Even the spelling was wrong! And the number of typos was terribly high! Absolutely crazy!

Dislike 0 1.60/10

The experience cooperating with this service is not good. The quality of writing is poor and the customer support is even worse. They do not follow instructions and they cannot revise the paper properly even when I specify what needs to be changed.

Dislike 0 1.80/10

I placed two assignments in Math. Each of them was of questions and answers format. There were five questions and none of them was correctly answered. Why on earth did that writer accept this assignment. It seems that he knows Math worse than me. I am fully dissatisfied.

Dislike 0 1.40/10

they're a bunch of scammers and they took my money in return for a crappy paper I couldn't even turn over to my professor!

Dislike 0 1.40/10

The writers working for this agency are unable to write good papers. If you decide to ask for a refund, they will tell you that your work is incredible in all terms. Unfortunately, everything will be just the other way round.

Dislike 0 2.40/10

Before spending money on the so-called “quality” paper, I should have found more information about this agency. I had to receive a powerful argumentative essay with a solid thesis statement. As a result, I received a piece of writing of very low quality.

Dislike 0 2.20/10

I was waiting for a professional approach but all they managed to do is below-average writing. I'm totally disappointed with such service

Dislike 0 1.60/10

No proofreading was done at all. There are so many mistakes that some sentences do not make sense.

Dislike 0 3.60/10

This discussion was written for a totally different scenario that was copied online. Do you understand that I will be punished for such a paper? It seems that you don`t really care about your customers.

Dislike 0 4.60/10

If you are a student, this service can literally save your life.

Dislike 0 7.60/10

It is so hard to get in touch with the writers in order to get at least any information about the writing process. The attitude to clients is awful.

Dislike 0 5.40/10

Just imagine my surprise when I wanted to get in touch with the customer support team but then found out that all of them were on vacation. I find this approach to work totally unacceptable and I do not recommend it to any person.

Dislike 0 5.40/10

I feel like I have been robbed of my money. I paid for 6 pages but there are only 2 sentences on the 6th page. The whole paper is only fluff. It’s like the writer did not answer the questions at all. I ended up rewriting the paper. Don’t be fooled by all these positive reviews because they are probably all fake.

Dislike 0 3.80/10

The writer did not follow my instructions. It seems that they did not bother to read them at all. Both the introduction and conclusion were written poorly. Very, very bad quality!

Dislike 0 6.00/10

Never trust this company and its experts! Scammers!

Dislike 0 4.00/10
Shane H

The worst service I have ever come across on the internet. It has turned out a real failure for me.

Dislike 0 3.60/10

Needed my paper done in less than 6 hours and they did just that. Paper was great, will def. use this service again.

Dislike 0 7.20/10

Their service didn't impress me at all. I could have written the same level of quality essay. I turned to use this service because they promised me top-notch quality. My paper was below average.

Dislike 0 3.20/10

Worst service really. I am based in the UK but American examples used. Writer missed main task of coursework so had to send it back. Overall bad work for a ridiculously expensive price. Now I have to rewrite the essay. DON'T waste your money or time.

Dislike 0 4.60/10

I used this once and stayed satisfied! The essay they sent me (even in advance) was unique, full of nice expressions and grammar constructions. I wouldn't do the same by myself so that I'm very thankful.

Dislike 0 7.80/10