There are lots of custom writing companies out there, but choosing the one that can deliver high-quality papers can be a real challenge. Your hard-earned money should be going towards creative and informative content that gets you better grades. Review Review Review Mark: 7.8
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Discounts for the first order: 15%
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Revisions: 30 days
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Company Overview offers a number of academic writing services and assists students in preparing different paper types. This content provider is well-known among students who need help with academic English writing. We found many reviews which encouraged users to think twice before placing an order there. This is one of the reasons why we decided to do a deeper research on the company. If you are interested in what we have found out, go on reading CustomEssayOrder review. claims it can help students with virtually any writing assignment. They provide clients with essays, reviews, reports, dissertations, etc. In addition to writing, they also provide editing and proofreading services. Moreover, if some service you need is not mentioned on the website, you still can contact their customer support and negotiate the terms under which you can receive personalized services.

However, just because they promise to provide professional assistance does not mean they can do this, so we placed an order for a 5-page double-spaced coursework on history. The writing level was high school. We wanted a US writer and gave them 7 days to complete the task.

Prices, Discounts, Payment

When we saw that they boast affordable prices, we expected to find some pretty competitive offers. Nevertheless, it turned out that the cheapest papers are those for high-school students and with long deadlines. The rest of the services were even more expensive than on some other websites.

CustomEssayOrder prices has a convenient price calculator on the homepage which allows quickly estimating the price of your order. For example, if you need a five-page high-school coursework to be written within 7 days, you’ll have to pay $79.05.

First-time customers can get a 15% discount and a coupon but prior to receiving any information you have to provide your e-mail. There are also three categories of lifelong discounts:

  • Senior customer discount is a 15% discount that is offered with the 10th completed order.
  • Regular customer discount comprises 10% off the price on 7th completed order. It is a lifetime discount.
  • Junior customer discount guarantees 5% discount on the 3rd completed order. 

It is also worth mentioning that their payment methods are secure and we did not experience any problems with that at all. They accept PayPal, MasterCard/Visa, and American Express.

Quality of Services guarantees their papers will help you get a passing grade. This means that if you receive ‘F’ and this can be proved officially, you can get a refund. However, this process is not as easy as it may seem. 

What we particularly like about this company is that they enable free revisions within 30 days after the paper has been delivered. If you ordered a thesis or dissertations, you have 60 days to request a revision.

Even though we received our paper on time, we were disappointed with the quality. We did not notice any grammar mistakes and the paper was also neatly formatted but we realized that the content was not written from scratch. Plagiarism checkers showed 0% result but we noticed that the writer just paraphrased sentences from other sources. If we managed to see this, a professor with years of experience can surely do the same.

Customer Support has a customer support services to help customers use their website or solve problematic issues. Just log into your account and find their US number on the homepage. It is true that they are responsive and can help you with a lot of issues but we’ve heard they are strict with their refund policy. Getting your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, getting your money back will be not as easy as they promise.

CustomEssayOrder Support

We wanted their support agents to help us with some issues. They informed us that according to their policy, clients cannot receive their money back as simply and they offered free revisions instead. So we returned our paper to the writer twice but he/she did not improve it significantly. As soon as they get their money, the writers do not seem to bother much about the papers they write.


Honestly, we are not fans of this service. The quality of the services is not as high as their price, and if you manage to get a pass with their paper, you might not get a good grade. It probably makes sense to place an order once and get a 15% discount instead of using their services all the time.

Beware! is rated 7.8/10 which is below average.

Review is written by Jimmy Ruiz

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If there is something “sublime”, it is their exquisite dishonesty. They made so many eloquent promises, but they did not keep any of them. They were late with my order, and I had some extra time, so I wasn’t even angry at first. Afterwards, when I read that “masterpiece”, I was aghast! I immediately asked for a refund and they never compensated a single euro!

Dislike 0 1.60/10

Why do not you have 0 as the rate? You asked for so many files and instructions to follow none of them! Your delay caused me a huge fine. I was appalled to see how careless you were with the instructions. Now you are asking me to add three pages to the paper I do not need any longer! Please, stop!

Dislike 0 2.40/10

Stupid experts and rude staff here! I needed a perfect application essay and they gave me some rough paragraphs which were not related to my ideas in the attached file. I refused to make any additional payments and they say that is a reason why my paper is so terrible. I asked one of my friends about his feedback on their work and he agreed that it is a waste of money. STAY AWAY!

Dislike 0 1.80/10

I have never seen such a poorly written paper. I ordered five pages, and it is one paragraph only. Are you joking? Where is an abstract? How can I find where the introduction ends? I paid for a summary page, but there is none! I asked for returning my money but they said No! Terrible!

Dislike 0 1.80/10

I was still hopeful that the first paper was so poor because of some misunderstanding and I ordered another one. However, I was disappointed with its quality again. I asked the writer to revise it, but they completely ignored all my requests. I contacted the support team and they promised to take measures. There were three words replaced. Three words in 24 hours! At that time, I was already late with my college submission. Yesterday I was emailed that they would not refund me my money. CHEATERS!

Dislike 0 2.00/10

I regret every dollar spent on their services! I wasted two days and a hundred dollars. How could a writer give such nonsense if the instructions were so clear? I wanted the customer support team to help me out, but they were not supportive. They just confirmed that the paper was done by one of the best writers. That makes no sense, guys!

Dislike 0 2.00/10

You do not help students with essay writing. You make students stressed. When I talked to my writer, I was sure I spoke to a computer as the responses were awkward and hard to read. Still, I decided to wait for my paper, but the result did not impress me at all. The writing style was awful. My paper was definitely written by a non-native speaker. It suffered from numerous primitive mistakes.

Dislike 0 2.60/10

Such a horrible website! I did not ask for something complicated! I just wanted them to reflect on an experience of a foreigner in China. The text was full of grammar mistakes! There were no transitions between the paragraphs and the writer did not care about punctuation either! It looked like an essay of an inexperienced high school student. I even think that they would do better. What I got after my complaint was a 15% refund! Forget about them!

Dislike 0 2.00/10

OK, so the clear advantages are that I can always get in touch with the service. The customer support team and the writers are effective in their work. Besides, there is a free revision option that I consider to be just great. Still, among the drawbacks is that writers are not well-versed in AMA citation style.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

It was the worst experience of cooperating with a custom writing service. It was hard to get my money back.

Dislike 0 1.40/10

I would never recommend anyone to use this service. They provide papers of low quality. Besides, they do not refund money even though they fail to write papers properly according to the requirements. The service is unprofessional, and I do not want to cooperate with them further.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

they did a paper for me - it was ok in terms of context but had made spelling mistakes and delivered 2 days later than planned. i don't think that i'm gonna make some more orders there

Dislike 0 3.00/10

at first, I was happy to find such a service, but when received my work it was a total disaster with dozens of grammar mistakes and some missing parts of the paper

Dislike 0 2.00/10

Totally rejected by the professor!

Dislike 0 1.00/10

I wish I read the reviews of this service published by other students before ordering my paper. I had to wait for my refund for more than a month! They ignored all my emails, requests, and messages. They told they would not refund my money. That was something horrible.

Dislike 0 2.00/10

I was sent a Turnitin report on plagiarism by my professor. These “experts” copied the information from the papers written by other students and some websites. That was such shame.

Dislike 0 1.40/10

Before I have sent my task, I asked their customer support agents whether the writer had ever done similar works in Applied Physics? Support agents ensured me they could. I provided the evidence-based thesis sample, several templates, and detailed explanation that the writer must strictly follow. I sent my work back for revisions 4 times. I am exhausted. I give up. Want to get my money back. Start my project myself, to be on the safe side.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

Do not do any business with this “academic” writing agency!!! Unprofessional “experts” and have no qualified managers who are supposed to handle all the problematic issues. Dudes do not know proper English, could you imagine! This writing company is a real fraud!!!

Dislike 0 0.80/10

I paid for extra services and I wanted to get more than poor writing! I saw the reviews of happy customers and now I am at a loss. Are they real? I am truly disappointed and sad. Too many gaps, guys!

Dislike 0 1.80/10

The writer does not understand how to use proper English when writing an essay. He or she did not proofread the paper and even titled it incorrectly. I hope to never work with this writer again as I have wasted almost $120 on a failed paper and humiliated myself.

Dislike 0 4.40/10

Oh gosh, the customer support representatives are so irritating. They cannot help you with anything and the service they provide is terrible.

Dislike 0 6.20/10

I have got my paper before the deadline and I am more than happy about that. I am happy that thanks to these guys I was able to spend my time in a far more interesting way than struggling with the writing.

Dislike 0 9.40/10

They definitely pay for positive reviews. I came across a review saying that a guy got 90% for a master’s level paper and it was 2000 words in lengths. Seriously? 2000 words paper at a master’s level? Avoid!

Dislike 0 4.20/10

Seriously, this is some kind of a joke. Avoid this service at all costs.

Dislike 0 5.20/10

I requested a revision twice but did not get the expected grade. Besides, I paid for an urgent deadline but got the paper with almost 24-hours lateness. Disappointing.

Dislike 0 3.80/10

I believe that the writer, who worked on my assignment has very poor writing skills. I had to rewrite everything again due to the lack of sense, consistency, relevance, and significance. Really disappointed! Waste of time and money.

Dislike 0 4.00/10

Fraudulent service. I am speechless!!! Nothing to say!

Dislike 0 4.20/10

Higher price than others but not better! Going into this, I knew charged higher prices, but I just assumed it meant their writers were better. I was totally wrong. I ordered a 5 page paper with a 1 week deadline, so it was plenty of time to come up with something good. Instead, it was riddled with ridiculous grammar mistakes and weird word choices. You can find companies that offer lower prices and are much better than these guys! I would not recommend.

Dislike 0 5.60/10
Barry K

They are horrible! I complain, but nobody answers my messages! I call the phone number and they promise refund, but I don’t get any!

Dislike 0 4.00/10
Spencer Wilkerson

I wanted everything to be flawless, so I took a VIP service package. It turned out well but cost me a big sum of money.

Dislike 0 8.60/10
Erick Miles

The price seemed good, but when I got my paper I understood that it wasn't a good deal at all. I had to hire an editor to fix all the errors.

Dislike 1 8.80/10