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Essay.WS Review
Essay.WS Review Essay.WS Review Mark: 5.2
Rating: star star star_half star_border star_border
Price from: $10.99
Delivery time: 8 hours
Revisions: unlimited
Customers rating: star star star_half star_border star_border

Company Overview

If you are searching for a reputable custom writing company where you will be able to get expert assistance at a reasonable price, you may have probably come across Essay.WS. Whether you are lost at ideas what to write about, have insufficient time for writing or just struggling with your writing assignment, feel free to ask a professional company for assistance. However, be careful not to bump into fraudsters. If you want to know how to identify quickly how reliable the company is, read on Essay.WS review to know for sure whether it suits you. 

Before dealing with Essay.WS, we wanted to make sure that there was no risk cooperating with the company and that it was not a scam. According to the research we have conducted, the company can be trusted as it does not seem that the custom writing service delivers some papers that are either off-topic or resold. The company provides multiple writing services. Actually, you can find the whole list on the homepage. Just as many other custom writing services, Essay.WS guarantees clients to provide high-quality academic papers according to the stated requirements. Moreover, a great asset about the company is that they offer free paper samples so that clients can be more sure that the company’s professionals are worth their trust. Apart from free samples, the company offers additional services, such as a draft option, business writing, proofreading, editing, and PowerPoint presentation making. 


Before getting your essay done, it is a must to register on the website. You need to fill out a specific registration form and place your order. To review the quality of the company’s work, we decided to place coursework writing of five pages long on the history topic.  We have indicated that we require double spacing and it is a must that the paper is fulfilled by a US writer. The deadline for the order comprised 7 days. The required academic level was high school, which was really easy. While we were patiently waiting to have the paper done, we have explored the rest of facts and information provided on the website. 

The Pricing System, Discounts, and Payment Options

Unfortunately, there is no separate page with price rates on the website so it is rather challenging to find clear information on how much a specific paper costs. Actually, you can calculate the price on the quote page where you have specific features to fill in to find out what the ultimate price of the paper will be. The prices are definitely affordable for an average student. For example, if to take a one-page paper of high school level, it will cost 10.99 USD per page. A page of an urgent order of Master’s level will equal 45.99 USD (the urgency is 8 hours). 

When we placed the order and proceeded with the payment, we also had a discount as we entered a special promo code given for first-time customers. Unfortunately, the company does not offer any other discounts, such as loyalty programs whatsoever. No mention of such practice is mentioned on the website as well.

Quality of Orders

The company administration claims that all of its writers hold Master’s and PhD degrees in a variety of research areas and have at least three years of academic writing experience. If to believe the information provided on the website homepage, the company has more than 2,000 clients and over the years of practice it has provided customers with more than 10,000 papers. When you scroll the page down, you will be able to look through the feedbacks and testimonials left by the company’s clients. Unfortunately, no customers’ reviews have any indication of dates, so it is hard to presume when exactly they were published. There are all chances that they are outdated. 

Exploring the Internet reviews of the company, we have revealed that there are many contradictory opinions on the services provided by Essay.WS. Some clients write that the service is great, whereas the others say it is the worst service they have ever used. Some of the clients even stated that they did not receive any paper after they paid the money. Actually, when we got our own paper, we understood where these reviews are rooted. The paper we received is just as poorly-written as those free samples provided on the company’s website. We wanted to send a revision request but we simply did not know where to start when formulating what was wrong with the paper. It seemed at first sight that literally everything was wrong. We made a conclusion that, even though the service is cheap, students will be just wasting money if they decide to order a paper from Essay.WS.


Support Service

In the customer support section on the company’s website, there is a detailed list of FAQ, the information on how to reach the company (the email form), and brief information on where the company is located. What is really important, there is a live chat option but there is no contact telephone number, and no links to social media profiles, which signified that it is rather challenging to get in touch with the company in case of some urgent issue with the ordered paper. Still, we have attempted to get in contact with the customer support service. We were frustrated with the whole process since it was a mission impossible. When we finally reached the customer support service, we were surprised that the agents are not properly trained and they do not know the basics of polite and effective communication. 


As such, Essay.WS does not deserve attention of potential clients as it does not provide premium-quality papers. Besides, it is hard to get in touch with the company. The personnel is not qualified and we would not recommend this service to anyone.


Essay.WS is rated 5.2/10 which is below average.

Review is written by Jimmy Ruiz

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They missed my deadline and my essay was quintessential! I had to lie to my mentor that I was sick and that is why I could not complete the assignment on time. Now I’m afraid my personal details can also be exposed anytime… such irresponsible people can’t adhere to the rules of confidentiality. Nightmare!

Dislike 0 1.80/10

They steal money from the students! That is nasty! Do not even think about cooperating with them. They will lie to you and spoil your life.

Dislike 0 2.00/10

I needed a project to do and I paid $90 for it. They did not meet my deadline and that was a tragedy for me. I was terrified with the number of grammar mistakes and omissions in content in the assignment. I looked closer at it and realized that it was only half done. Their manager told that everything is double checked and there is no reason to refund my money. Just forget about them!

Dislike 0 1.80/10

A really sloppy essay! It seems that the writer was doing it in a great rush! He used some false facts and in-text citations with the indicated pages that do not exist at all! I did not get any response to my refund request. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

Dislike 0 2.20/10

I did my dissertation myself, but then my professor asked me to polish it and resolve the wordiness issue. I did not want to bother and asked one of your writers to take care of this aspect. What have I got as a result? Exactly the same paper! No matter what you order – editing or proofreading – the service is useless.

Dislike 0 1.40/10

They do not help their clients! I needed to get my essay urgently. I did everything I had but then my bank sent me an email notification about some failure with the payment. It was ok with me and I contacted another company to get my paper. I emailed them to have my order canceled, but they verified my payment and assigned it to one of their writers. I got only 70% of my money back. That is disgusting!

Dislike 0 2.60/10

I received F but the service refused to return my money. The paper was of poor quality with numerous errors and illogical content. The writer could not even apply APA rules correctly. It is a good lesson for me to write papers myself.

Dislike 0 2.00/10

I did not feel safe, communicating with the customer support. They are so much pushy and you feel that they do not care about your confidentiality or rights to stay private. I got a lot of spam messages from them and when I had to leave for another room for some minutes, they send me 13 messages ‘where are you?’ That is not a professional attitude you expect!

Dislike 0 2.00/10

I cannot believe that this company claims to be one of the top services on the custom writing market. I placed an order a few days ago. However, what I got was beyond my expectations – in the negative meaning. I received a poorly written paper, and I asked the company administration that I need my paper rewritten from scratch as it is written as if by a non-native who has A2 level of English. I got the worst grade that I have ever had before. Never again will I order from this company.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

I had an urgent essay. It was long and due within a few days. When I started the registration process, I did not know that the order placement process could take two days — especially if you have an urgent order. This is not a professional approach, guys!

Dislike 0 1.60/10

Do not even use this company if you do not want to struggle with the tedious process of claiming a refund from them. I strongly doubt that these guys can provide high-quality papers. Besides, I have noticed that they do not adhere to the confidentiality policy as they disclose personal and banking information. So, do not share any data on your banking or credit cards

Dislike 0 1.40/10

I wish I never had such poor service with a site that is supposed to be helpful. Such a bad quality and poor service

Dislike 0 1.20/10

they missed the deadline. very. so, how can I be satisfied?

Dislike 0 1.20/10

If I were to hire a writing service again, I’d surely keep looking further beyond this rubbish company.

Dislike 0 1.60/10

Their money-back guarantee is fake

Dislike 0 1.20/10

I needed a revision but the company refused to do it. I could not do anything. The only way out was to hire an experienced editor what resulted in additional costs and nervous tension.

Dislike 0 2.00/10

I cannot imagine how this agency has been working for several years already. Customer support service agents are very rude and impolite. The money back policy is a fake. It is impossible to get a penny back. The paper was a mess, a mix of different unconnected words, phrases, and sentences. I could not fix anything in it. Do not apply this site. Seriously, avoid doing this.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

Horrible! My work failed to be completed on time. None of the instructions was kept to. It was a complete waste of my money, time, and nerves. It was evident that a person from the non-English speaking country wrote my essay.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

I would like to say that the design of the website is superb. However, it is the only good thing I can say about the website. Poor writers and terribly high pricing!

Dislike 0 2.20/10

I doubted whether they would be able to write a good research paper in just twelve hours. However, the support representative assured me that they can meet any deadline. When I received my paper, I noticed that it was off-topic and full of mistakes.

Dislike 0 4.00/10

I can get a whole range of papers from here. I like that I can order any type of paper and get in on time.

Dislike 0 7.40/10

I heard dubious comments about the company but in the end I decided to give them the chance. Still, the negative comments just proved themselves.

Dislike 0 4.00/10

I will never hire a writer form this company again in my life!

Dislike 0 4.80/10

The quality of the paper they gave me was not consistent so I knew from the start there’s something fishy about this company. So I checked my paper for plagiarism and I saw that some paragraphs were fully plagiarized! I ended up rewriting half of the paper. The services are overrated.

Dislike 0 4.60/10
Avoid it

My paper had 24% of plagiarism. Eventually, with no time, I had to fix it. I feel bad that even after paying, I can’t depend on you guys. Totally not what I asked for! Feel like I wasted 179$ USD on nothing!

Dislike 0 3.80/10

This paper was of extremely poor quality! Not at all what was expected. Improper, unprofessional terminology is used, demonstrating no nursing background and poor research skills, which were needed to address the assignment! It is very easy to go online and receive instructions on APA formatting but the writer failed to do that. In fact, the writer ignored a major part of my instructions. This is extremely upsetting!

Dislike 0 3.60/10
Bess M

Instructions and requirements were not kept to and the paper was delivered in 44 hours late. This company is a real HORROR.

Dislike 0 3.20/10
Erick H

I understand that my dissertation was difficult, but I thought the original writer was supposed to be somebody with a doctorate degree and deep knowledge. He or she often got off topic and came up with some unrealistic ideas. I asked the customer support people to reassign the paper to somebody else. The next writer did a much better job and I have no complaints.

Dislike 0 7.00/10
Lila Sandoval

If only I could put 0 for the work they sent me ... This is just an equal number of efforts the writer put into my paper. He did nothing, just plagiarised the suitable sources. He didn't even try to paraphrase it a little.

Dislike 0 3.40/10
Sonja Lane

I was so dissatisfied with my paper and they simply don't care. They made it almost impossible to connect with the writer or at least the support team. They look like a scam, They care only before you make the payment.

Dislike 0 3.40/10
Evelyn Mckinney

It was very inconvenient for me to chat with the support team, I prefer to call. It is easier to explain everything talking directly to the operator. It seemed to me that I was talking to the chat machine because the answers were so predictable.

Dislike 0 5.80/10