There are lots of custom writing companies out there, but choosing the one that can deliver high-quality papers can be a real challenge. Your hard-earned money should be going towards creative and informative content that gets you better grades. Review Review Review Mark: 5.4
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Company Overview

The following review concerns – one of the most popular custom writing services nowadays. While composing reviews, our aim is to provide as many details and facts about the companies as possible. We want to evaluate custom writing companies according to the criteria that are the most decisive ones for potential customers. As such, due to our reviews, potential clients will be sure whether they can trust a certain online writing service or not. We persevered the same goal when we decided to review We wanted to present the company’s strengths and weaknesses in the most comprehensive manner. We started iWriteEssays review process by conducting research of the company. As such, we spent some time on reading testimonials, feedbacks, and reviews left by the company’s clients online. We also explored the company’s website to get familiar with the company’s policy, rules, and regulations. Overall, we wanted to check how convenient and easy the website is for usage.

iWriteEssays stats

From the information we have obtained after looking through the website, we found out that the company mainly specializes in academic writing, namely essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, reviews, reports, admission essays, resumes, and even dissertations. To objectively evaluate the service without relying much on others’ feedbacks, we decided to purchase a paper from on our own. We ordered a 5-page coursework with a 7-day deadline on the history topic. The academic level we indicated was high school and the paper had to be written in double spacing. Our special requirement was that we needed the coursework to be done by a US writer.

The company’s website was appealing and easy to navigate through. The design is attractive and the most important information is placed on the homepage. Still, some of the links were not active, which is a huge disadvantage since we could not obtain specific information about the company’s services. Moreover, we noticed a few grammatical and spelling mistakes on the website as well as occasional typos.

Prices, Discount System, Order Payment

The website has a separate page that contains information about prices but there is no table or a graph with clearly outlined prices. The website has also an online price calculator but it does not always calculate the price accurately. Often you can only get approximate estimations of the final price you will have to pay. Mainly, the company now works on the bidding system, wherein writers propose their price for the order you place. As such, you can choose the bids according to such criteria as writer’s experience and qualifications in your topic or financial affordability. 

The minimum per-page price proposed on the website is $12 if the essay should be delivered within the next 24 hours. If you can give a longer deadline, the total order price will be lower. Still, the price issues have to be discussed with your writer. Sometimes, you can get some price reduction if you negotiate the price. The total sum we paid for our paper was approximately $60. We did not get any discount. 

Quality of Papers

When we read feedbacks and reviews about the company from its former clients, we found many negative feedbacks. Most of them concerned the quality of papers. Particularly, many customers complained that it seemed as though their papers were written by non-native speakers of English as the command of language was really bad. Some other complains concerned poor grammar, mistakes in punctuation, spelling, and sentence structures. Further, some clients even mentioned that the customer support service was unresponsive and did not provide with adequate assistance when needed, namely with revision requests. Having browsed the website content, particularly the samples of academic papers provided in free access, we found out that the papers were written in poor grammar. The vocabulary choice was poor and the sentence structures were often confusing. Therefore, we also put to doubts competence and expertise of the company’s writers.

The coursework we received had some errors in sentence structures and grammar. It was clear that the paper was written by a non-native English-speaking writer. When we read half the paper, we found out that the research was not thoroughly done. We could not trace the central idea of the paper and no solid argumentation was provided. We were really disappointed with the result.

Customer Support Service

There are two telephone numbers provided on the company’s website. The other options to contact the company are via email and live chat support. There is no information about the hours of availability of the customer support service. However, such information should be definitely indicated. If your inquiry is not urgent, you can get in touch with them via email and wait for a reply.

iWriteEssays Support

We contacted the customer support service as we wanted to apply for a refund as the quality was totally unsatisfactory. However, we were informed that the papers cannot be refunded and that our request cannot be fulfilled.


Our experience with is definitely one of the worth ones. Although the website looks nice and appealing and the information there is structured in a clear way, the quality of services is terrible. Moreover, the information provided on the website does not conform to reality. The quality was not worth the price paid. Besides, the customer support service was not effective and responsive. If you are a student who is worried about the grades for academic paper, we strongly recommend to seek help from some other custom writing services that are more reputable and trustworthy.

Beware! is rated 5.4/10 which is below average.

Review is written by Jimmy Ruiz

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It is an expensive piece of trash! They hire foreigners with indecent command of English to complete serious academic tasks! Their manner of handling orders is careless and dilettantish. Did they every learn English Grammar? I lack words to express my negative impression about! Do not even waste your time reading positive testimonials – they are all custom-made, itis obvious!

Dislike 0 1.40/10

How can they have regular customers if they fail very easy papers? It does not make sense to order anything from them. I wanted to delete all the details from their accounts, but instead, customer support reported that they could not do that. They gave me a dozen excuses, but when I asked about my revision or refund request, they would say nothing. SCAMMERS

Dislike 0 1.40/10

I did not have a topic for discussion and I asked them to choose one based on my instructions. My professor told me that their topic is irrelevant. They missed a 24-hour deadline. After that, they asked for an extra day to revise as some sections were missing in the paper. I had two poor papers and nothing to submit to school. I failed my exam and I felt really offended. I paid money to the writers who did not do their job at all. That is so disrespectful!

Dislike 0 1.40/10

Poor quality of writing! Research papers on economics are written from the point of view of an amateur in this field. All ideas are merely copied from one article. What is more, they give no guarantee of money back. Oh, and the formatting in APA style is completely incorrect. I wanted to get a refund, but they told me that I got the paper. I lost almost 200 dollars and got several pages of non-standard writing. A poor deal!

Dislike 0 2.20/10

They sent me a book review of such a childish quality that I double-checked which level I paid for. I chose the university level! Guys, university papers do not look like that!

Dislike 0 1.60/10

I placed my first order and I was more or less satisfied with the paper. I even left positive feedback to support the website. And then I read their policy and I got to know that they pay for the testimonials their customers leave! offers as much as $10 for a 5-star review. YOU MUST BE JOKING, GUYS!

Dislike 0 2.40/10

I paid for Premium services but when I received a low grade, they refused to return my money, saying that they do not guarantee any grades. This is ridiculous.

Dislike 0 2.40/10

It is my first order at No doubt, it is my last order! Their samples on the website are of average quality and that is what I expected. I did not have very high expectations, but I could not believe that they can sell such poor papers! They have probably downloaded their samples from some other websites.

Dislike 0 1.60/10

The website is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. However, the quality of content they provide could be better.

Dislike 0 1.60/10

after reading some comments below I realized that I was not the only one who is disappointed with this service

Dislike 0 2.60/10

on my last order, the assigned writer failed miserably that I had to return the paper and just asked to get my money back. I ended up not getting back even a single buck

Dislike 0 1.60/10

Incompetent, unfriendly, inattentive customer support agents! It would be interesting to find out where they were from their English was so poor.

Dislike 0 2.60/10

This's something terrible!!! Maybe their so-called experts did not study at school at all! I did not make such a number of mistakes even when was a child.

Dislike 0 1.20/10

I do not recommend applying for this agency. They have sky-rocking prices and the quality of papers does correspond to the prices set. I got a D+ for my article review.

Dislike 0 2.20/10

It is like a lottery. You can order a paper and get a complete mess. However, other assignments can be brilliant. The thing is that you have to know which writer to hire. Some website profiles of the writers look like scam

Dislike 0 3.00/10

Totally disappointing! I have to rewrite most of the paper because it was written incorrectly.

Dislike 0 2.40/10

I am totally disappointed with the paper I received. This is the first time I have turned to your writing company. My friend highly recommended this website, but I do not think I will ever trust this company for my future papers.

Dislike 0 5.40/10

I had a film review to be written in three days but they could not do it properly even though the paper was just supposed to be just five pages in length. More so, I attached a list of referenced to be used, so half the work concerning the sources was done. Still, I was so surprised to find out that they did not manage to provide proper referencing and plagiarized a part of the paper. It was obvious that they did not even watch the film assigned. Total disappointment for me.

Dislike 0 3.60/10

The agency has been claiming to employ ONLY native English writers from the U.S. and the UK, but the work I was provided with was not composed by a person whose native language is English. Decided not to submit such a paper to my professor!

Dislike 0 6.60/10

They did not meet my deadline and delivered a paper late. The staff ignored me when I asked for a refund. I was cheated big time.

Dislike 0 3.80/10

I was charged for my paper to be done in 3 hours, but actually, it took 7 hours to complete. I got a 70 on the paper due to not including everything I asked for, as well as obvious punctuation mistakes. Very bad sentence structure. There are lots of repetitions of words and sentences. Sentences are short and simplistic.

Dislike 0 6.60/10

The paper is very poorly written. It doesn't cover all the points and some of the sentences make no sense. Besides, it lacks proper transitions, and the writer is jumping from one argument to another. It looks like a paper for a high school level. Very, very disappointed.

Dislike 0 5.80/10

The support team is well unaware of absolutely nothing concerning peculiar features services! Do recommend it to nobody!!!

Dislike 0 4.60/10

Please, please, please do not utilize these services and writers. They are not real American or British writers. English is terrifying. Their expert had no experience in and knowledge about my topic set nor were they capable of comprehending the basic paper requirements. And it will be impossible to obtain your money back. Need pure and fascinating trash, the you are welcome. Do your task better yourself guys!!

Dislike 0 5.20/10
Seymore G

I had one simple request to take a history test for me. The dumbass didn’t know any of the answers! I got 20% on the test!!!! The stupidest cow on the farm could have gotten a better score! It’s like the idiot just randomly answered the questions, and I’m sure he did! NEVER USE THEM FOR ANYTHING!!!

Dislike 0 4.20/10
Danny Webster

My professor suddenly changed the instructions. I tried to reach customer support but they didn't answer. I had to place another order with given instructions. As a result, I paid twice for the same paper.

Dislike 0 3.60/10
Alfonso Evans

I write my essays much better than their writers. I had no time to finish two essays at once and asked this company for some help and assistance. Sadly, I didn't get any of that.

Dislike 0 6.20/10