There are lots of custom writing companies out there, but choosing the one that can deliver high-quality papers can be a real challenge. Your hard-earned money should be going towards creative and informative content that gets you better grades. Review Review Review Mark: 9.4
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General Information

There are a lot of reasons why students choose academic writing services. For some, it is related to their lack of confidence in their writing abilities. For others, they simply do not have the time to complete all of their assignments. The problem is that many of these writing companies exaggerate their abilities and end up giving students essays that do not even come close to meeting their expectations. Our job is to examine all of the leading writing companies and help you choose the most reliable ones.

Take a look at our ManyEssays review. They offer a large variety of writing services to students and professionals from all over the world. Some of their most popular services include writing academic research papers, book reviews, blog articles and much more. They can also write resumes, cover letters, scholarship essays, admissions essays and even take online-based tests. For those who want their papers to look their best, has a team of professional editors and proofreaders who can assist. Finally, they have one of the largest essay databases on the Internet. Subscription-fee based, it gives students have access to nearly 200,000 different papers on virtually every topic.

As we always do whenever we review a custom writing service, we ordered a paper from Since it would be unfair to compare one company’s complex Master’s level engineering project to another service’s college-level book report, we keep our requirements uniform. We asked for a high school-level paper on the topic of history. It was to be 5 pages in length double-spaced, we requested an American-based writer, and gave them 7 days to complete it.

Prices, Discounts, Payments has a pricing scheme that is reasonable. A high school-level paper with an 11-day deadline costs $12.99. Customers also have the option of paying in Euros, British Pounds and Australian Dollars. Given that they serve students from all over the world, this gives them really convenient options. The total cost of the paper is ultimately determined by the academic-level, number of pages, level of urgency, and type of service. For instance, a dissertation will cost more per page than an essay, all else being equal.

manyessays pricing

Along with their relatively low prices, offers several discount options for customers. For instance, all first-time customers automatically receive a 15% discount. They also provide long-term customers with discounts that increase as they order more papers. It starts when they reach in the 15-page mark, at which point they are eligible for an automatic 5% discount. This grows to 10% after 30 pages and 15% after 50. It is definitely one of the best discounts we could find. 

manyessays discounts

The listed price for our high school paper was $89.95, but after we received our 15% discount, we paid $76.46. It is a fair price, although it is a few dollars more than what we have paid with other services.

Quality of Papers

Although the price of the services is a major factor when determining which company to choose, nothing is more important than the quality of the work. In our case, we can report that the high school-level history paper looked very good and was consistent with the academic level. We have heard about customers who ask for a high school paper who got caught by their teachers because it was obvious that only a professional could have written it. But our writer did a really good job of mimicking the high school writing style. The paper contained a couple of deliberate run-on sentences and typos, just as it should. A high school freshman or sophomore could easily expect an A for this type of paper.


A key feature of any good company is the ability of their customer support team to help whenever it is needed. At, they claim to be available 24/7, so we wanted to test them out to see if this was true. We contacted them by phone, email and live chat and never had any problems getting through. In addition, what we really liked was their sense of professionalism. We often encounter support agents who sound bored and indifferent to their jobs. But the support team answered all of our questions and were clearly enthusiastic about their work. It cannot be emphasized enough how important this is to customers.


Based on our experience with our writer, the customer support team, and all of the other important factors, we would definitely give our strongest recommendation. The history paper really looked like it could have been written by a high achiever. We also think students will like the affordable prices. Finally, you will be impressed by the shear number of services that offers. They can write papers of varying levels of complexity and on any topic. For a lot of customers, that is something that seals the deal.

Editor`s note is rated 9.4/10 which is better than most writing services of the USA.

Review is written by Jimmy Ruiz

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I used the live chat option of many essays and explained what I needed. Making payment has always been safe with you. I will get back to you tomorrow.

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I tried to place the order with the highest urgency at ManyEssays. Three hours later I got a perfect essay. I got 99 for it! It is a truly reliable service, guys!

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It is not expensive at all to order from you! For sure, I do not tell you to make your prices higher, but it is astonishing to get such great papers at such a low rate! Thanks to the editors and writing experts!

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I still shudder when I think about my first experience of ordering a research paper from a writing company. I will not tell its name but the quality of writing was high school when I asked them to work on my college project. It was a disappointing experience. Complete failure! Still, I decided to try the service of another company. It was a great risk but you managed to convince me that you can make my paper perfect. It was scary to trust you but it was worth it. I am a demanding customer and you managed to please me! You saved my grades! And the price was good.

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My personal feedback is positive. You helped me a lot on papers in different disciplines. I like the way writers adjust the content when I ask them.

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I cannot say that my expectations were high when I was placing the order. The topic was very specific and it is outstanding that your writer figured out how to address it. I recommend Many Essays to all students I know!

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My progress with looking for a job was poor. I did not know what to do and one of my friends told me that the problem can be in my resume. I looked at it critically and I realized that it really needed improvements. I asked for professional resume help from you and your service did everything to help me. Just fancy, I found the job last week! Thanks!

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I study so many courses and I cannot pay enough attention to each of them. Essays take too much time, actually. With your help, I feel that I can cope!

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My research paper was terrible. The topic was complicated and the requirements were so much complex that I did not understand a word in them. The writers of Many Essays did all 10 pages and the final paper was great. Reading through it, I understood the requirements and now I see that it will be easier for me to work on such projects next time. My final deadline was rather tough but you managed to cope. You did everything as agreed. There was nothing I did not like. Special thanks for originality of writing. You have great prices and the discount was rather nice.

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Manyessays is the only writing service I trust. Your affordable pricing is another motive for me to order from you.

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Thanks for your advice! My first essay from you was not perfect, but it was because of my mistake! You did everything but I forgot to attach some teacher’s comments. Such a shame. All my next papers were very good. I do appreciate!

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I wanted to get a job of my dream and I was desperate. I ordered a resume from you as I did not rely on my skills. I got the document from you and it was a proof of your professional approach. I got the job, guys! Thanks!

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My teacher did not accept my essay and I asked one of your writers to edit it. Honestly, I tried myself, but I did not know how to polish it. My teacher said that the paper was perfect after editing. Great job!

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There is a wide selection of writing options for the students on your website. I ordered a cover letter and a resume from you once. Then I asked you for help with my essay and research paper. More than that, I asked for help with my reports and reviews. I am grateful.

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You can get help in no time! It is so convenient and so quick! I appreciate that your helpers are so much committed to their work. I trusted the reviews on the website and they were truly honest.

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As my experience shows, you can order not only writing but also editing services here. I was an intern at one prestigious company and my corporate plan needed editing. I lacked time to do it on my own. Manyessays polished my document exclusively! My supervisor said it was one of the best business plans they had ever had!

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I had to write an imitation of a mass media article, as I study journalism, but I wasn’t confident about my writing skills. I addressed manyessays, and now I know how a good article is to be composed.

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Among the advantages of this writing service, I noticed that the writers can cope with any topic as long as it involves written content. I choose Many Essays because writers here can explore any topic. I have already ordered three different papers, which reflect discrepant requirements, and equally got straight As.

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I play in a rock band, so do you think I like academic writing? It is the most boring thing on Earth for me. When I found ManyEssays, my marks became better, and rehearsals with my band became more frequent. Thank you, guys!

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If some new clients have doubts about the trustworthiness and effectiveness of manyessays, I can assure you that their personalized approach and attitude are marvelous. I can say it from my perspective and on behalf of my friends who have been using the service for about a year. They can adjust even to the grade you require.

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I was fortunate to get a very nice job when being at college… the main disadvantage is that my grades were getting worse, as I was devoted to my job much more. My husband told me that he used Many Essays for his business project and they provided a decent corporate writing for him. I decided to place an order as well… and now I order something every other month!

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I haven’t purchased custom writing services on your website yet, but I frequently use your editing service and I am really satisfied with the quality. If you care for the quality of your assignments, I do recommend Manyessays experts for premium-class editing. Perfect content is a guarantee.

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I provided you three days for a long paper and I did not believe that it would be enough to write something decent on a tough topic. Thank you for your commitment! I got a perfect product from you! I am so much grateful! You have done everything in line with the standards and your time management skills are flawless. Super writing! Super service!

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My hands were trembling when I started writing my admission essay and I realized that my fate is worth professional effort. I paid to an expert writer at your website and he or she, I do not care, saved me! I am a student now! You did that, guys! You did that for me!

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Still can’t believe how helpful was this agency! My subject was pretty sophisticated, but it did not cause any issues. I typically write homework on my own, but I was ill back then and couldn’t even hold a pen. The most enticing thing is how my personal specialist was able to imitate my writing style. I got an A+! What else to add? Thank you for your hard work!

Dislike 0 9.40/10

I ordered several essays through Manyessays. Only one needed revision although it was quite decent. The writer missed one small chapter, and I am not blaming everyone – it is just a human factor. I applied for revision and my assigned expert added the necessary section. The paper was perfectly edited. Separate gratitude goes to confidential cooperation. You guys are spectacular!

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If some of your potential customers are wondering whether it is even possible to perform at the state-of-the-art level in the modern world that constantly fuels procrastination… I will surely say, “Yes, art of writing still exists, and ManyEssays serves as its vivid example!” You can’t even imagine how easier it is to study with these pencraft prodigies’ help!

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I think the paper I got from you is decent. I have some comments about the content, but I understand that you cannot cover my thoughts if I did not share them with you. I had no issues with the writing quality, but a delay with my previous paper made me worried a lot. They apologized and provided me with a discount code for the next order. I guess I will use it.

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I have just got my finance assignment. It is so good that I cannot express that with words. I had some issues with payments online and I liked the way they kept answering my questions and providing explanations. Their support team was open to communication and they knew all the answers. I appreciate your eagerness to help!

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They say the first experience can be a great disappointment. In this case, it was surprisingly good. I had a list of specific suggestions to my paper and I informed the writer about them. They covered every minute detail and they made sure that the writing was original. I also liked the way they communicate with the customers and offer new services. I had no doubt that I could trust them. They know how to convince the customers and that it great as they can help more people. Thanks a lot!

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This writer did a phenomenal job. I was able to turn an assignment around in 6 hours and the paper was of the highest quality. When I checked the work through a plagiarism checker, it showed no plagiarism. Impressive!

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This service will provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Their writers can work with different subjects, including literature, nursing, and many others. I like that their website includes all the necessary data. My experience of cooperation with this service was pretty enjoyable.

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I had difficulties with creating my marketing presentation, so I decided to try cooperating with this company. None of my requirements were ignored and I received a high-quality document.

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I am not a new customer. I have been using your papers for a year or so. is a great service that never plagiarizes. You complete papers according to all instructions and almost all of them were paid with a generous discount. It is great to get to know about new bonuses.

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Was it a success? It definitely was! It was so well done! I wanted to ask for minor changes with the formatting of the sources, but then I made changes myself and it took me only a few minutes. I will place more orders tomorrow!

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Last night I realized that one more essay would kill me. I ordered it after midnight and at 6 a.m. I had my paper done. The quality of writing in that assignment was great. I fixed one mistake related to grammar and that was all. I am extremely happy! Oh, one more thing! Your discounts are amazing! I paid for the paper and it was great. Thanks again.

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I followed all the steps, placing the order, and I did it without any support. I liked every writer who worked on my papers. In some papers, I had to ask for some changes but the writers were always willing to help. So, it was not a problem! Great job! Now I am stressed about the family emergency and you help me focus on really important things.

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I am a customer with experience in placing writing orders online. I can make my own conclusion about various writing services and compare them. Now I am a returning customer of your agency and I will keep placing orders with your writers only.

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How can you be sure that by ordering online you will get a good paper? For sure, you take chances. Luckily, your staff assigned one of the best writers to my essay. You guys have an incredibly professional approach to writing!

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I regularly used writing assistance but could not imagine I would ever need help with an art project. My Mac failed and I lost all my drafts. I did not have time to redo everything. You saved me having provided a perfectly developed poster and presentation. The poster appeared powerful and bright. The concepts I highlighted were considered, and you explained everything in the presentation I ordered along with a poster. I am super happy.

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This is the service that has never let me down. I am happy I managed to find you as each paper I receive is always written strictly to the point, the ideas flow smoothly, and the structure is logical. I do not worry about anything as I know you will conduct research, find the relevant sources to support my ideas, and send me a paper without plagiarism.

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First of all, I want to say great thanks for the service. My first year in college was supported by constant research and writing. gave me a helping hand and allowed me to clear stacks of papers I deepened into. I ordered different papers including history, literature, and culture, and each time I received professional assistance. I am impressed with the quality of service and definitely recommend it to my classmates.

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You made me believe in wonders! The results are perfect. I had too many tasks to handle at the same time and I could not work on my term paper. I will use your service again and again! You did everything just the way I wanted!

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Your writers are real grammar profs. The order I got was just brilliant and flawless in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and organization. I have been using your service for two years or so, and I have never had any problems with the papers. More so, I have always been assigned such top professional writers that I have never asked for revisions.

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I registered at not long ago. Over recent times, I received three essays, and I am more than happy about the result. It seems to me that these guys can handle papers virtually on any topic. The company’s writers have an amazing level of creativity.

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Real professional here. they turned my mediocre draft into a touching essay in just two days. I'm impressed.

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Well-written and straight to the point essay. I like the way my writer organized it and formatted it. So it was quick and top-quality assistance.

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Sterling service! Their writers are talented and skilled specialists who provide perfect dissertations. As to their support agents, they are awesome! I can recommend this service to other students!

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I am so pleased with this service. No matter the tight deadline, they managed to create a solid paper for me. Awesome!

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I like their dissertation writing service. Their specialists are real experts who can produce challenging writing projects. I think that this service is on the list of the best ones. This agency takes care of their clients and is focused on improving its services. You will not regret using their services.

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The editors at this company do their job exceptionally. Each piece of writing is composed from scratch, original, as well as creative. I highly appreciate the teamwork between the editors, writers, and customers practiced at this company.

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Just perfect! Unmatched! Superb! Excellent! All of them go extra mile. I took my paper and it impressed me. Now I want to write nicely myself. I have never been interested in writing, but now I am. I paid not much, and I believe that they did much more! Besides, I would like to say than you to the writer! Our communication was really helpful for me!

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They have a friendly customer service and finish papers on time.

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My first order was $150 but they offered me a discount, so I saved almost $30. They’ve got really good discounts.

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I hired their writers to polish my resume and CV. They did everything the way asked them to and made my resume relevant to the context.

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I’ve been having some changes in my daily routine, so I’ve grown to rely on this service a lot recently. Their writer helped me a LOT. If it were not for, I would probably have to withdraw from the course.

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I read a lot of positive reviews. I can confirm they were all true.

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For me, the most difficult part about writing a paper is writing the bibliography in the right style. Some professors want APA, others want MLA and it becomes very confusing! So when I want my paper to look right, I ask to do the job. It saves me time and stress. I really appreciate the help!

Dislike 0 9.00/10
Sophia W

I wasn’t sure about using a writing service, but figured what the heck. I started out by giving them a short assignment to see how it went. I was very impressed! I gradually began to order more complex work and I have yet to be disappointed. Aside from a team of great writers who always respond quickly to my messages, the call center people are also great! There would never be a reason to go anywhere else.

Dislike 1 9.20/10
Jim K

I was assigned an essay on a really difficult topic, but the writer really knew their stuff! I was happy with the end result and I’ll come back for more. Aside from the content itself, they did a really good job with formatting the paper and inserting citations. These little things make a big difference!

Dislike 0 9.60/10
Mike B

Like a lot of first-timers, I really had no idea what to expect. Was I going to get an essay that was ripped from a website? I am happy to say that this wasn’t the case. My writer followed my instructions and I got a completely unique paper that looks like I could have written it myself. If you’re looking for a company that keeps its promises, this is the one to use!

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Evelyn G

My friends once recommended this company to me when I was struggling with research paper writing. At that time, I needed help so much that I did not even care about the money I would pay. Luckily, I got a discount for the first order and managed to boost my grades and save some money at the same time.

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Mary L

I do wonder whether there are any other custom writing services that perform better than I placed a dissertation order and it was written in the best way possible. Even the drafts were impeccable in quality. Moreover, the company’s customer support team is really friendly, polite, and responsive.

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Kelly P

I am a regular customer of this service and I can definitely admit that the writers’ team is reliable, professional, and trustworthy. They are attentive to each essay and they demonstrate a diligent approach to each piece of writing. I managed to boost my achievements with their help.

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Eric B

What kind of other review could I write for such an amazing service? is a really cheap company that provides affordable custom writing help for students of different academic levels. I have been using this service since I was in high school and I should admit that they have never failed me.

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Jeff B

I definitely advise you to seek academic writing help from The company is reliable and legit since it provides quality comprehensive research and ensures that each paper is free from plagiarism. Moreover, the company can boast its transparent pricing policy.

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It was my first order and well-done! I had some doubts about using such services. I was afraid to get a low-quality work. Luckily, many essays proved I was wrong. The essay was perfectly done and I got A. I will definitely come back for more.

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Rita J.

I had a really great knowledge with Many Essays. They were very helpful to the topic I needed and I collaborated with them on details so they had all the essential background info. Highly suggest this service.

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