There are lots of custom writing companies out there, but choosing the one that can deliver high-quality papers can be a real challenge. Your hard-earned money should be going towards creative and informative content that gets you better grades. Review Review Review Mark: 9.4
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General Information

Have you ever worked out how much time you spend on college papers – all those writing assignments? No matter how well you can write, producing a worthwhile essay takes up a lot of time. Perhaps there are other types of coursework, a job, or just hanging out with friends or family that would be a better use of your time.

If you were to look, it is likely you would find numerous writing services with the potential to save you a considerable amount of time. But do you think these really are as effective as they say? We have taken it upon ourselves to review as many of writing services as possible as a way of helping you find one that is best for you.

Read our Prime-Essay review. A very important aspect of this company is that it offers a great range of diverse services. Regardless of what type of assignment you require, you should be able to get it from Their services include help with writing essays, term papers, research papers, posts for discussion boards and, in fact, most types of coursework. It is also possible to get help with dissertations here. As well as writing all types of papers, this company offers other services to ensure you get the best possible paper. These extra services include the editing of papers by experienced editors and the testing of papers for potential plagiarism to ensure every text ordered from the company is completely original.

You should not have any difficulty navigating the website because everything is very clear. You will find a number of free prime essays, which you can use as guides when you are writing your own essays.  

We placed our usual order for a coursework project of 5 pages in length with a deadline of 7 days – for a high school paper on history in double spacing to be completed by a suitably qualified US writer. order

Pricing, Discounts and Payment Options

Few things – if anything - is free in this life. This certainly applies to quality. If your aim is to receive good-quality written products, you have to be prepared to pay a reasonable amount for them in order not to be disappointed.

The cost of the writing assistance provided by really is affordable, starting at just under US$12.00 for each page of writing with an 11-day deadline. As is the case with most writing services, the total price of an order is very much dependent on assignment type, educational level, the amount of pages needed, and the deadline. It is worth noting that 3 hours is the shortest deadline with this writing service. Prices are presented in US dollars but customers can choose a different currency from a list of AUD, GBD, and Euros, which is highly convenient for overseas students. prices

As well as great prices, also offers generous money-saving discounts. For example, you can get a 10% reduction the first time you place an order. Regular customers are also offered lifelong reductions. The amount of discount usually depends on the amount of pages ordered, which can result in reductions of up to 15%. 

A number of promotions and special offers are usually available to help customers save even more. special-offer

The total cost of the order we placed came to US$78.71 once the discount was applied.

At the time of placing your order, you may also ask for a particular writer and a specific style of English or order a draft or summary of your paper or even the company’s VIP service.

Writing Quality

This company attracts a great deal of very positive feedback. Previous customers report being very satisfied with the overall quality of the products they got.  

What sort of experience did we have? The completed coursework that was delivered to us was excellently written. We found it factually accurate. Our assigned writer made use of the sources we requested. The absolute lack of technical and factual error was extremely impressive. The paper we got was perfect, crafted to the exact grade we asked for, so our entire experience was exceedingly pleasant. Essentially, this company gives you superb quality at low prices. What was nice is that we were able to contact our assigned writer at all times during the writing process.

Customer Support

Every review of we found gave high praise to the company’s writers and their customer services team. We had a similar experience. We took care to contact the support personnel on a number of occasions. We submitted questions related to policy and pricing. We always got prompt and accurate answers.  

While our experience with the support team was very positive, our interaction with our assigned writer was better still. It became obvious immediately that she was more than qualified for the assigned work and was committed to assisting us in every possible way.

Support is provided on a 24x7 basis to customers via email, toll-free telephone, and live chat system.

To Conclude

After our research, having evaluated the quality of the coursework we got, and having read dozens of reviews about, we give every aspect of their service an above-average rating. Their customer care service is excellent. The writers they employ are native English-speaking, true professionals, and obvious experts in their chosen subjects. The treatment we received from our assigned writer and the support team was superb. More importantly still, the paper we got was perfect and the price was very reasonable.

This exceptional writing service is one we most certainly recommend. The testimonials are positive and very real. This company is definitely one to bear in mind whenever you need assistance with an academic writing project.

Editor`s note is rated 9.4/10 which is better than most writing services of the USA.

Review is written by Jimmy Ruiz

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Absolutely top-notch work on my political science essay. The argumentation was sharp, and the writing style was exactly what I wanted. They perfectly matched my tone and style, making the essay sound like it was my own work, but better.

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Their assistance with my film critique was nothing short of amazing. The understanding of film theory and application to modern cinema was perfect. Everything was spot on, from structure to analysis. Highly recommend!

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My research paper was packed with insightful information and presented in a clear, professional manner. The depth of research was exactly what I was looking for.

Dislike 0 9.40/10

When it comes to crunch time, these are the folks to turn to. I had a massive project on business ethics, and the paper they provided was nothing short of stellar. The analysis was profound, examples spot on, and the flow was just what I wanted. They did mix up two case study details, but once I pointed it out, they were quick to fix it. Still, that attention to detail should be there from the start.

Dislike 0 9.60/10

I was hesitant to use prime-essay, but when I received my nursing research paper, I was blown away. The writer not only understood the topic but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the nursing field. They provided excellent explanations, detailed nursing interventions, and comprehensive references to nursing literature. I'm recommending this website to all my classmates!

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Prime Essay was a lifesaver during the pandemic. Online learning was challenging, but the writers helped with assignments and explained concepts, making it easier for me to understand my courses.

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I appreciate the level of customization offered by Prime-essay. The writers take the time to understand my specific requirements and tailor the papers accordingly. This attention to detail has helped me submit unique and personalized assignments that stand out.

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The website offers me a user-friendly platform where I can easily communicate my requirements and preferences to the assigned writer. I find it convenient to provide specific instructions, share reference materials, and discuss ideas in real-time, facilitating a collaborative and personalized writing experience tailored to my needs.

Dislike 0 9.40/10

The writers on Prime-essay pay great attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of my assignment is covered. I've received well-researched papers with accurate citations, which have contributed to my overall academic success.

Dislike 0 8.40/10

The website maintains strict confidentiality, safeguarding my personal information and order details. This commitment to privacy has given me peace of mind when using their services. I can trust that my identity and academic integrity are protected throughout the entire process.

Dislike 0 9.20/10

Prime-Essay has been a lifesaver during my busiest semesters. The ability to delegate some of my assignments to expert writers has allowed me to focus on other important tasks. The service is reliable, and the papers are always delivered on time.

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The content of my essay is amazing. I look forward to having more papers from you. Highly recommended.

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A great customer service. Getting my paper before the due date, I had enough time to check everything and even ask for one improvement. The quality of your writing is amazing. Your concern about the customers’ happiness is even more amazing.

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No exaggerating, my last experience with the writers of Prime essay was one-of-a-kind. I knew that positive reviews on the websites are always ordered to professional writers, but I decided to trust you and rely on your commitment. I hired your service and my expectations were surpassed my expectations! No complaints, guys! From now on I do believe that positive reviews can be true.

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Six essays and one research paper done by your writers show that Prime Essay is amazing. I like that the service is reliable. No going off the assigned topic. No missed requirements. No stupid mistakes. Oh, by the way, it is great that you work 24/7. I contacted you at really inconvenient time. Thanks!

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Terrific writing and punctuality at prime-essay amaze me. I know from my own experience that writers can waste time and procrastinate. After that, other services asked me for extension a lot of times. I do not like this approach and it was a surprise that you do not behave like that. At prime-essay, a qualified writer always copes with the writing task perfectly well.

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Honestly, there is no better website than Prime-essay when it goes about college and university writing. I tried your writers when the urgency of the order was low and when the deadlines were tight. In both cases, I did not worry about the quality of my assignments. It is so good if you are confident in somebody’s expertise. No bias, but other writing companies I contacted did not do proper job. Now I am loyal to

Dislike 0 9.20/10

It was a mixture of fear and joy when I first used your service. I was surprised that I had no issue with my essay at all. You give really clear instructions and it is convenient for me. I was afraid that you can send me my papers not on time. Still, there was no problem with that. Awesome, guys!

Dislike 0 8.00/10

I get more and more good grades. It is super! Frankly, I have not expected that. You help me a lot! The amounts I pay are ok for me. The deadlines are met. No problem at all! Thanks a lot!

Dislike 0 10.00/10

My term paper was due. I asked you to find a writer who can deal with my topic and you did. The deadline was only a few days. I chatted with the team and the writer not to be stressed about all that. I like how you guys work! Prime essay is really cool at what you do!

Dislike 0 9.40/10

I ordered my paper with an additional plagiarism report. You impressed me so much with your professionalism!

Dislike 0 9.20/10

Writing services are different. I made research, but I had no idea which agency to choose. Honestly, I decided to try your services at random and I know that I am a lucky person. I talked to the writer and I feel that we cooperated really well. I asked him or her to make some final touches and change some sections. I am grateful that the writer was so much attentive to my comments.

Dislike 0 9.40/10

It is so nice that you can order not only writing help but also only editing, formatting, etc. I have no issues with content in my papers, but my language always spoils the impression. Your writers manage to keep my style, but make my papers so great in terms of grammar and vocabulary use.

Dislike 0 9.60/10

I few days ago I got my first order from you. I am the happiest client! I wish I could do tasks as easily as you do.

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I did not order simple papers from you. I decided to ask for help only with challenging project. It was smart of me. Every assignment was worth my invested money!

Dislike 0 9.60/10

How could I write a book review if I did not read the book? There were several hours before submission and your expert knew the book and did writing perfectly well! Great!

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The ability to track the writing progress and communicate with experts directly were the main reasons I chose prime-essay. Otherwise, I would be very worried that my essay is handled not according to my instructions. Everything went fine, I am more than satisfied!

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I like doing research and writing essays, but having a good scholarly editor by your side is a must. I discovered incredible benefits of editing assistance at Prime Essay. My research project could not be so highly estimated without such a decent proofreading.

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My school year would have been much more difficult without your assistance. I ordered essays on the most challenging subjects, which were necessary to move forward in my studies. My grades were good and excellent due to your efforts. Thank you for seasonal discounts too!

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I had to compose two book reviews. I coped with one, but I got stuck on the second review. When googling different writing companies for a while, prime essay drew my attention. I read through their testimonials, and it seemed to me they were written by real-life clients. So, I became their real-life client too. Thank you for helping me with my literary review!

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Sometimes, you realize a bit late that you are studying at the wrong department. I chose humanities, while I had to choose exact sciences. So, you can imagine my frustration about essay writing. Now my literature papers are handled by experts who apparently love reading books, whereas I love experimenting in the physics lab.

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While it seems that it is not the worst task on Earth to write a cover letter, it becomes a worrisome task when this written work can decide your fate. My cover letter was intended for a scholarship of my dreams and I was too frustrated to complete it on my own. Prime-essay helped me produce an outstanding cover letter, and I obtained my grant!

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Frankly speaking, I did not expect much from this service. I was generally skeptical about custom writing services. Still, prime-essay changed my mind totally and I am delighted that I ordered from you guys. The very first order I placed was delivered strictly according to the deadline even though it was really urgent. So, if I face academic writing difficulties, I will keep ordering from you.

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Esther writers always take my troubles away whenever I have problems with custom writing. The more I order from them, the better I am at coping with homework on my own. The custom-written papers serve as excellent templates for the future tasks.

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I am surprised with the excellent quality of writing at Prime-Essays. Also, I was positively impressed with the equally responsible and professional customer support service. I was able to get timely help with my inquiries when I needed to send a revision request.

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It is amazing how this website becomes like a favorite treat. First time you use it, you’ll come back the second time. I was fortunate to find a writer who understands my instructions even without asking for extra clarifications. I quickly made that expert my preferred one. Whenever I place a new order, I sleep sound at night, as I know I’ll get yet another masterpiece in several days! Thank you for your efforts!

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I have risked to find a personal exam taker via Prime-essay. I’ve never experimented with online examination before, but I had family issues, so I couldn’t find a tiny bit of time to prepare for the upcoming test in a proper way. So, I have just checked the exam results, and my anonymous expert passed everything! I’ve obtained an A! I am soooo happy!!!

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I wouldn’t say I’m a bad college essay writer, but when it comes to formatting… it just blows my mind. I can’t get why we have to switch from one formatting style to a different one all the time. I almost got used to using APA, as something new appears. Thus, I found Prime-Essay and ordered a paper from them. The main request was to format it in accordance with the academic instructions of the chosen style. To say I was impressed is to say nothing! Footnotes were impeccable, citations were relevant, and everything was correct in terms of references. I could never format a paper so flawlessly myself!

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Labs and technical projects have taken all my time! Now I am in love; besides, I have a part-time job. This semester is extremely loaded with assignments! Since February, 2022, I have been ordering papers from and that is a great opportunity for me to stop feeling exhausted.

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I cannot say that I am a person who is trying to escape responsibility. I have never tried using writing help for money. Still, when my friends told me about their positive experience and I was so much busy that I could not do my papers myself, I decided to say ‘Yes’ to an experiment. I will not get addicted to your help, but I will definitely remember about an option of using assistance from prime-essay. It does not make me feel proud, but this experience was rather good. Now I have a discount code for 10% and maybe one day I will use it.

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I feel confident about the services of Prime-essay. My previous review was so much precise that the teacher gave some exclusive comments on it in class.

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I received my case study and it is just brilliant. The case is analyzed thoroughly. The paper contains only relevant and accurate information. I highly appreciate your assistance!

Dislike 0 8.80/10

I am surprised that not all people are satisfied with this writing service. I have been their customer for many years and their work always meets the highest standards of quality. Each essay, report, or research paper I ordered here was well-written and properly structured. I am so glad that I found your service!

Dislike 0 8.80/10

This is the first time I have ordered a paper online, thus I cannot compare this company with any other. The paper I received was well written and delivered on time. I think that all students purchasing writing assistance expect the same result. This service is not a scam;

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This Tuesday changed my life! It is absolutely true! I am so much pleased with the help you give me. I have a friend who hates writing and I think I will recommend your writers to him. He will be so much excited! Your promptness is amazing and I adore your professionalism as well.

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I have not read the paper yet, but its overall look is impressive. I see that the structure of the text and the language are great. If I get some comments, I will definitely get to the customer support or the writer directly and I am sure that I will get the help I need. You are the service I have always dreamt about.

Dislike 0 9.00/10

I am doing my Arts and Science course now and your service makes it so much fun for me. All the papers are done on time. The quality of every paper is at the highest level. I noticed some typos but it took me only some seconds to correct them. Thank you, guys! I'll return to order more essays soon.

Dislike 0 8.00/10

I used to believe that all reviews online are faked. They look so much artificial and robotic. Writing my feedback, I realize that a lot of people will think the same about my review. Still, I am a real customer and your paper, guys, saved me from failing college! Your website does wonders! Love you, guys!

Dislike 0 9.60/10

Time management is not my strength, unfortunately. So, my last-minute projects bring me a lot of headaches! Yes, your help can be expensive when I place very urgent orders, but you do the papers so well! You use perfect resources and your writers try their best to please the customers. I am happy!

Dislike 0 9.20/10

I had to ask for a minor revision, but in general, the paper was pretty good. The writer tried his best and I appreciate that. I believe he could ask for my comments on question 3, but it is fine for now. 4 out of 5 stars.

Dislike 0 9.00/10

When I entered college, I had a clear vision that I would never use custom writing services. I was sure to complete all the assignments myself. Yet, the reality punched me. I failed and to turned to I attentively read their Privacy policy and plagiarism rules. I had to know that in case of failure I would receive my money back. The service met all my expectations. Moreover, the papers I received were amazing and I continue using their services to enjoy my college life.

Dislike 0 9.40/10

I ordered a CV. It was important for me to get professional help. I described my scarce work experience and stressed that I had not worked for the past few months. I also sent them the positions I applied to. I received a strong CV I really liked. I would never write a CV so well.

Dislike 0 9.60/10

I am grateful for your help! The paper I got yesterday is amazing! Professional writers and friendly support agents make a great team! I will recommend your company to everyone who may be interested in your work.

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I got not only excellent quality of writing but also top-notch customer support service. Your company’s agents followed me throughout the whole process of custom writing. I was assigned a brilliant writer with adequate experience and expertise. I will surely order from you more and more.

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Oh my God, it is one of the best decisions of my student life to start using services from writing agency. Now I am not stressed and I do not sacrifice my night’s sleep to finish some paperwork. Goodbye emotional burnout! I can finally enjoy my free time, rest, and relaxation. I just place an order, engage myself in some interesting activities, and then receive the paper on time.

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Liked the site very much, and the work they delivered was good. So, thank you for your help

Dislike 0 8.80/10

Customer support specialists are polite and ready to help with all problems and questions. Writers prepare top-level works that undoubtedly are best. thank you for such great help

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I am not skilled at producing scholarly papers. Luckily, there is I am still impressed by the paper which they delivered to me.

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Wonderful writing service! That was a right decision to hire these professionals. You saved me from failure.

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Their team consists of experienced specialists. They provide first-class services! I recommend everyone to use it!

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this service is a great helper, seriously. I have several works done by their writers and I'm very satisfied with the quality as with the support

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1 year I have been working with these dudes, hands down! They are the smartest and most professional! I adore this company and its specialists, the products and the sophisticated team. I have been recommended them to my friends. No complains or bad experienced so far! Keep doing what you are the best at!!!

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I have not expected much, and I got much more than I was hoping to. I got the highest score in my class.

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I could have never written such paper myself. I’m glad I found

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If you want good quality, then choose this service.

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Very convenient website.

Dislike 0 8.80/10

If you are an international student and want the paper to cover some topic in your country, provide the writer with details because they might not be aware about them

Dislike 0 7.80/10

Believe me, just try this service once and you’ll become a regular client.

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Sidney T

I ordered a book review from and the writer did a good job. It was a pretty long book too, so I was really impressed especially considering I only gave them 5 days to finish it.

Dislike 0 9.20/10
Kate B

The greatest homework is pretty much worthless if it’s not delivered on time. Fortunately, this is never an issue with I have ordered more than a dozen papers from them and I always get them by the deadline. They even work on them on short notice. It’s very impressive!

Dislike 0 10.00/10
Faith A

I have been using this company for a couple of years and they’ve never let me down. It doesn’t even matter what subject or assignment I request, they always have somebody who is up for the task!

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Carol K

The company is credible and legitimate. When you order writing services from, you can get a paper on any topic, in any discipline, and of any academic level. The first time I ordered from them, I was truly impressed with the quality. The work they provide is impeccable in content and totally flawless.

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Kevin M

At first, I doubted whether it is a good idea to order from since the services were expensive. Still, with special offers and discounts that the company provides, you can get a bargain. I am a regular customer, so I am also a member of a special loyalty program, so I usually get papers at a relatively lower price.

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Martin P

I have finally managed to find a company that meets my needs. The services they offer are amazing. I got a paper that met all paper requirements and that had no mistakes when it comes to grammar, formatting, and spelling. The papers I ordered from did not require a revision.

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Tom S

The service has everything you would be glad to have: high-quality writing services, affordable prices, appealing special offers, and competent writers. When you order papers from, you will receive them on time and on target.

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George N

Thanks a lot for the academic writing tasks I have been ordering from you. They are truly amazing and they have helped me to get the desired grades. I have been using only this writing service and I am definitely a loyal customer to All papers are delivered on time and all of them are original. Apart from academic writing service, you get support from a customer support team who can politely help you.

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Richard W

You can rely on with any type of writing assignment. The company provides a lot of services that would be of great assistance for students of any academic level. If you are hesitant about the quality of services provided, feel free to look through the paper samples provided in free access on the website.

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John H

I cannot say I am a regular customer with but the experience I have can be considered fairly good. I have only placed two orders with — an article and a research paper. Both of them were delivered according to the set deadline and both of them were checked for plagiarism. The quality was OK and the prices were affordable for me.

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My first year of college, I struggled to transition from high school to college level papers. I quickly became swamped with work. A friend advised me this writing service so I placed an order and very soon received an “A” paper. The service is great!

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Incredible service

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Great papers for affordable price. I recommend

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This service is a must-have if you need your assignment to be done quickly strict to the given requirements. I saved a lot of time with this service.

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