There are lots of custom writing companies out there, but choosing the one that can deliver high-quality papers can be a real challenge. Your hard-earned money should be going towards creative and informative content that gets you better grades. Review Review Review Mark: 9.6
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General Information

When students are seeking custom writing services, the Internet certainly is not lacking in choices. But the real problem is that it is virtually impossible to know which services are reputable without literally purchasing from all of them. No student has the time or bankroll for that. But fortunately, we do. Our website is dedicated to helping customers make the right decision about which services are best for them. We never receive compensation from any of the websites nor do we have any agenda other than to make sure you receive the fairest reviews possible.

A lot of our readers have asked us to make SuperbEssay review to find out whether their services are trustworthy and dependable. The company has been operating since 2010 and has developed a pretty good reputation if the online reviews that we found are to be believed. The number of services that they provide is very comprehensive. For instance, they can write custom term papers, business reports, book reviews, any type of essay, dissertations, PowerPoint presentations, resumes and virtually anything else. Aside from their custom writing services, they can also edit and proofread papers written by customers.

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The best way to determine the quality of a company’s services is by purchasing a custom paper ourselves. In this case, we requested a high school-level American history paper, 5 pages in length (doubles-spaced) with a 7-day deadline. We also requested an American-based writer. The specific topic was to choose one of the Constitutional Amendments, research on its origins and its importance. The pricing policy and professionalism of the customer support team were also evaluated in our review.

Prices, Discounts, Payments

The price for a one-page high school-level paper with an 11-day deadline starts at $11.99. regards 300 words to be a page, which is much better than the 275 words that many other companies count as a page. While US dollars is the default currency, the company caters to customers all over the world, which means they also sell their services for Euros, British Pounds and Australian Dollars. They offer very tight deadline options including 12 hours, 6 hours and even 3 hours.

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They offer a 15% discount for all first-time customers. This reduces their already low prices even further. They have a discount program for long-term customers as well. In particular, once a customer has ordered a total of 15 pages, they are entitled to a 5% discount for all future orders. This increases to 10% after 45 pages and 15% after 90. When compared to the discounts that many other companies offer, it is not very impressive. On the other hand, there are also plenty of services that do not provide a discount at all. So in this regard, it is kind of a push. offers free features such as a reference page, revisions (if requested within 48 hours of the expiration), outline, plagiarism report and formatting. When our 15% discount was included, we paid a very reasonable $72.20.

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The easy ordering process is something that customers will appreciate. It was a simple matter of filling out the order form, specifying details such as the topic, requirements of the paper, the length of the paper, deadline, and number of required sources. We also had the option of communicating with our writer from start to finish. Once our deadline expired, the custom paper was uploaded to our personal account with the website.

Quality of Papers

There is nothing more important than receiving high quality custom writing by the deadline. We can report that our high school paper indeed came as promised and it looked great. It contained proper grammar, a modest amount of research and did not contain any spelling mistakes. One of the key things is that the paper looked great for high school-level writing without giving away that it was actually written by an expert. In the past, other companies sent us “high school” papers that were obviously too good for that level, which means no teacher would be convinced that it was written by a 16 year-old. No issues from in that regard.


According to the website, the customer support team is available 24/7 and can be reached by phone, email or live chat. But would they respond at 3am? We wanted to find out, so we gave them a call and sure enough they answered right away. In fact, they had a really good track record of high responsiveness. There was only one occasion in which the live chat person did not respond for 20 minutes, but they apologized for the inconvenience. We asked them a few specific questions about their services and they provided us with appropriate answers every time. This demonstrated to us that they are well trained and take their jobs seriously.

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We have nothing but positive things to say about based on our experiences. The prices were very reasonable, the quality of the high school paper was consistent with what a really good student would write, and we found the customer support team to be friendly, polite and very knowledgeable. All in all we would give this company a very high recommendation.

Editor`s note is rated 9.6/10 which is better than most writing services of the USA.

Review is written by Jimmy Ruiz

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It was my sister who actually recommended me your company first. She was a bright student and used to help me a lot, but when she graduated and left home, she told me that I can rely on you, guys. Thanks to you, I can maintain my good academic performance and rely on you with any type of writing I have.

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The last order I placed was a 10-page literature review. At first, I was a bit worried to order this paper type as the deadline was a bit tight. So, I was nervous whether the writer would be able to complete the paper. In the end, my writer managed to upload the paper a few hours before the deadline. So, I did have enough time to look through the paper and review it.

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I received great editing and proofreading service on my essay. Qualified experts who seem to be well equipped with the knowledge required to help students, thank you!

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Thank you for helping me with this class. Without your help, I would not be able to complete my degree this year.

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Timely delivery and effective communication! That was a big surprise to see that the staff can be so responsive and qualified.

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Awesome service! Without a doubt, they provide unmatched content according to the deadline.

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I am content with the produced outcome!!!

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I utilized bad companies in the past. Thanks god, I managed to refer to this company. I found out that the company and their experts were superb! The prices were reasonable, got the work completed on time. The work was fascinating. I was very pleased with my essay. I will come back to this company and my top experts if I need help in the nearest future. Recommend using the services of this academic writing company if you are in trouble. Everything is always done ideally!!

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I like the user-friendly service, the premium-class quality of work, professionalism of the experts who have been working at this company. The paper was superb, and my score was the highest in class. Reasonable prices for average students. Most importantly, the work was delivered on time.

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I could discuss the matters that made me anxious with my writer and his explanations sounded very reasonable and professional. I am impressed!

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You will not regret using They are very careful about their job.

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I have never thought before that some custom writing company could be of some help to me. Now I see that it has proven to be of great assistance.

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I guess they hire professional copywriters and content creators because the content I receive is always of top quality.

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They promised a writer who could handle any type of paper and my writer was very good. She helped me with several papers and all were well written.

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To be fair, it can be a hit or miss sometimes, but you’ll quickly figure out how to request their best writers.

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Ramon W

I used a different company before and didn’t like the paper, so I tried instead. This writer was very talented and I got my assignment by the deadline. I will order again sometime.

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Nathan M

The writer clearly knew his/her stuff! Not only did they use the sources that I provided, they were able to find other sources that were perfect for the essay! I got a 92% and couldn’t be happier!

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Emily K

I know that the reviews are somewhat mixed, but that’s true of any company. In my case, I managed to find a really reliable writer who works for They have helped me with all of my business-related assignments for more than a year and have never disappointed me. Really good stuff.

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I used this service several times. I always request preferable writer, so I am sure in the quality of my work.

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Sarah G

They did exactly what they needed to do. The report looked nice, it included proper references and citation, formatting. I’m happy with the service and would recommend it to anybody else.

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What a great job you are doing here! Thank you guys

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Thanks to your team I have found a few helpful sites for my task. Actually, your marks coincide with the reality I came across.

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I was very suspicious while placing this order, I am sorry support manager for asking a million inquiries before ordering.. LOL! All the things have turned out well! Wonderful service!

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